The self-contained surveillance cabinet


The AIVIA 100 W surveillance module provides remote supervision for AEDs.

This intelligent, self-contained cabinet, communicates securely with the AIVIAnet server, checking the state of the AED, its presence and events that could occur during operation.

Four LR20 alkaline batteries provide sufficient power for at least three years.

Usage: Indoor / Outdoor

Standard Equipment:


The outdoor Surveillance cabinet

The AIVIA 200 W Surveillance model allows AEDs to be supervised remotely.

Designed to be installed outdoors, this AIVIA has controlled ventilation and heating.

This intelligent cabinet communicates securely with the AIVIAnet server, controlling the condition of the AED, checking that it is present and on events that might occur during use.

If there is an interruption to the power supply, a backup guarantees three days continued communication.

Standard Equipment:


The self-contained surveillance module.

The AIVIA M provides functional monitoring (status and state) of the AED to which it is linked.
It can be placed either in the AED carry bag or on the base unit.
“Low Power, Long Range” wireless frequency is used to transmit surveillance data.
An optical sensor is connected to the AED, so that it can be monitored without any effect on its operation.

This self-contained module communicates securely with the AIVIAnet server, checking the AED’s status, its location and events that could occur during operation.

Two LR06 batteries are sufficient to power communications for three years

Usage: Indoor

Standard Equipment: